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It's been twenty-four days since I have posted an entry (well, I say "twenty-four", I really mean "thirty-six"; my last entry wasn't so much an entry as it was a shitpost) - mainly due to a lack of inspiration - but now, it must be done, and it's going to be a long one. You have been warned.

The title of this entry refers to the left wing and the right wing. As I'm sure many people are aware, the left wing pertains to democracy and liberalism whereas the right wing is more slanted towards conservatism... or, at least, that's how it used to be. The right wing is pretty much the same as it was before, mayhaps worse since the election of Donald Trump (though he doesn't really seem to be up to much, thank goodness), but the left wing... well, I'm not sure how to sum it up in one phrase, so I'll give the two major examples.

Click for triggering opinions. )

You could argue that this entire entry is based on opinions... and, aside from the aforementioned statistical facts, I suppose it is. For that, I am not asking you to agree with me. All I am asking you to do is read this entry and view the relevant arguments from all angles, then form your own opinions. That's it. I believe that the points I have made in this entry are the most valid points I could have possibly made, but I know not all of you will feel this way. Really, I think I just needed to address the fact that the left wing has changed dramatically in recent years. If any one thing in this entry can be taken as fact, it's that. The left wing is certainly not what it used to be. Whether you see that as a good thing or a bad thing is for you to decide.

Hmm. How's about some sexy, jazzy J-rock to mellow this entry out a little?

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And I say






I'm sorry, I know this is kind of a dead meme, but I love it so much. XD

Allan ^_^

Sep. 8th, 2017 07:48 pm
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I am slightly obsessed with Allan from Fantasy Life.

I'm a mercenary, so my first available ally is Jude, who has cool hair but is a wuss and a loser.

His in-game description is; "A fainthearted mercenary who believes that running away is just another type of battle strategy."

*blows raspberry and sticks middle fingers up* Bo-ring! Allan is way better than you, Judey-boy. t('-'t)

*sigh* It's not fair! I want to stay a mercenary, but I love Allan so much even though I barely know anything about him (other than he's totally sick). If I wanted to befriend Allan, I would have to become a cook. I may create another file (there are three save slots) just so I can become a cook and add Allan as my ally because I adore him so.

Come on, I think we all want a friend like this.

I need to create a cook file and write Allan fanfiction. I'm sorry, but it's happenin'. There's nowt you can do to stop me now.
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I was so dreading seeing my social worker today, because I knew we'd be talking about...

*in deep, echoey voice* CSE (please refer to the entry entitled "Piss off, I'm not at risk -_-").


Buuuut... well, here's how the conversation went.

Me: We're gonna be talking about CSE today, aren't we?
Her: We're gonna be talking about healthy and unhealthy relationships today, and a little bit of CSE. I know you don't really wanna talk about that much, and you seem pretty switched-on already.

So, that was a good start. She realises I'm not naive, so she kept it brief while still educating me.

She showed me one of those weird, disturbing videos of a young girl's account of being sexually exploited. Her main concern was that my old foster mother Sam had got into my phone and found a conversation between me and a guy named Mike (who is my cousin) in which we were talking about pornography. My social worker didn't really care about the porn side of it, because she knows that pretty much 99% of people my age look at porn. She was mainly just worried that I was talking to a man Sam was unfamiliar with about an... unusual subject. I assured my social worker that Mike is my cousin and that was pretty much the end of that. In short, I have to remember that my social worker is the nice, intelligent, astute one, whereas Sam is the meddling one who speculates.

I will say this, though; I am a little pissed that Sam got into my phone. During my brief time at her house, I had two phones; one was an old brick phone that I just used for calling and texting (which I still have), the other was a more modern one given to me by her (which she took back before I left T_T). I set a password on the one she gave me, and I don't think she's tech-savvy enough to know how to get it unlocked. If she is, not my problem. I'll just think of it as a time bomb to gross her out with all the porn I had saved on there... which, actually, I find strangely amusing. But I digress. I had no conversations with anyone saved on the one she gave me (apart from a Whatsapp conversation I had with a school friend); all the conversations with Mike and everyone else were on my brick phone... which means that Sam got into my phone that I came to her house with. It was bad enough that she took back the modern one by force, now I find out she's been going through my personal crap!? That is NOT okay. I had that phone close to me nearly all the time. Sneaky bitch must've got into it when I was in the shower. That's pretty unethical, especially for someone who has dedicated her career to supposedly helping people.

Whatever, none of that matters anymore. In fact, I'm fiendishly delighted. Sam knows I look at porn. Bet that frazzled her uptight-as-fuck brain.
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*blows party horn* Happy seventeenth birthday to me!

Although... I don't... feel seventeen. I mean, look at this.

Yes, that is me. I'm sorry you had to see this... but it's my birthday and my blog, so I'm allowed to ruin my entries with pictures of my face. Anyways, my point is... I resemble a kid. I am not ready to be seventeen. It's not just my physical appearance (and voice, I sound like a kid, too >.<), though. I just... I dunno. I still feel sixteen. I'm not ready for this! I aged too quickly! Someone turn aging off like in The Sims! :O

Speaking of, I bought a couple of Origin cards with my birthday money today so I can get TS3 Supernatural. I already have two households, so I'll be creating a third later tonight. :)
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It's been a few days since I last posted an entry, but I need to. I know this is just me screaming into the void, but it must be said...


CSE is short for child sexual exploitation. I just saw my social worker, and, while she is very nice, I feel like she worries about me too much. I know it's kinda her job to worry, but when she (as well as many other people) is saying that just because I'm introverted and like to use the Internet, I'm being groomed, that's a bit overbearing. If any other teenager spends time on the Internet, it's fine, but when it's a shy introvert, it's "bad". Seriously, if I acted all confident and nonchalant, they would not give two shites. *sigh*

This kinda goes back to when I was using that old laptop that disapproved of the word "loner". Anyways, I am not being sexually exploited. If I was, I would know what to do. I would stop talking to the person (or people) in question, and I would contact the police. I know what to do. I'm almost seventeen, not six.

The strangest part is that one minute, they're praising me for keeping myself to myself, and the next, they're telling me that my introversion is worrying. *sigh* I don't even know anymore. -_-
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It's my birthday in eight days (woop, woop ~('-')~), and I haven't bought any new clothes in FOREVER, and really, I needed some, so I figured it wouldn't hurt if I got a nice new dress. I also got a flower hair clip and some shoes. The shoes make me feel tall as fuck because they have two-inch heels. I'm 5'1.5" in these! So tall! XD

Anyways, the tag on the shoes said the following:
37 EUR
6 USA"


"4 UK/IRL"? "IRL"?

In... real life? What!?

Mayhaps I'm wrong - mayhaps it's "something retail something" - but to me, that looks like "in real life". It just reminds me of an old Google fail meme entitled "if you die in canada do you die in real life". Think. The tag didn't say anything about Canadian shoe sizes... so there it is. Only the UK is real, Canada is a dream sequence, and everything else is just an alternate reality in a faraway dimension. Holy shite. That's it. I've figured it out. o.O

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So, I tried lamb for the first time ever today. Mm-hm, that's right. In nearly seventeen years of being alive, I had never eaten lamb until today. It's good, but not as good as chicken. So, this entry is entitled "The lambening -_-". It's dumb, but I like it.

Also, I stubbed my toe hard last night and fucked that shit up. I won't post a picture because it's gross, but the toenail got pushed back a bit. It's looking better now, though. Still, shit hurt! I have to be more careful. -_-
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To start this entry, I would like to announce something...

...I failed my GCSEs! :D

Mm. Nah, in all seriousness, that's nowt to be happy about; and I'm not happy about it! I only passed three, and I needed six, which sucks, because I was only taking seven (about three less than the other students) and I was only off by about one grade on three of them. I woulda been happy with just this.

But, no... that being said, there is some ambiguity. One of the exams I allegedly failed has a "P" next to it on the sheet of paper. That could stand for "pass"... but I don't know, because the schools insist on putting a load of useless information the students don't need just to confuse them. Honestly, I didn't even know how to read my results sheet until I asked my friend, and even then, it's still not completely clear. It can't just say the grade I got, then "pass" or "fail", can it? -_-

Still, hope is not lost. As I was away for almost a year during most of year 10 and the beginning of year 11, and because I was only taking seven GCSEs, the teachers there told me they'd stick up for me as long as they could see that I at least tried (and I did... my lowest grade was an E, and that was sociology. The only reason I got an E is because the questions were so long I could only answer about half of them. If I had more time in the exams, I probably could have got a C or a B). That's no definite guarantee I'll get into sixth form, but it's still cause for optimism. :)

Now, for the thigh battle.

"Thigh battle?" I hear you ask. "What's that?"

Well, my lovely, the thigh battle is something inspired by this crack drabble I wrote after receiving crackfic advice from reilaflowers. So, gather round, kiddies, it's story time (oh, little lamb, it's dinner time >;D because Dying Table by KAMIJO)!


There once was a man named Hitomi who's thighs were so nice that they were really nice. But a man named Yuuki went up to him one sunny afternoon in the middle of July at 2 o clock in the afternoon and said "My thighs are better then yours."
So Hitmoi took of his many rings (oh shit its bout to get reel) and said "you what" sassily. he walked up to Yuuki and tickled his thighs making him giggle like a shy hentai girl until they melted all over the floor.
"Hahaha" laughed Hitomi triumphly.
The end

Thigh Battle. Ninety-eight words of complete and utter cringe right there. Anyways, I am commencing the thigh battle now because, after feeling disappointed that Hitomi never got his yummy-looking thighs out for so long, I found this last night!

Mmm! Yummyyyy. *drools*

So, who wins the thigh battle; Hitomi or Yuuki?

Vote now! ^_^

Also, check this out.

That's one of my daughters on The Sims 3. Her name is Rose, and her parents and her twin sister had taken all the seats in the house, so she ate her food on the toilet. XD
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Sujk from DELUHI is thirty-four years old today! Let's wish the birthday boy a happy day, shall we?

Sujk pic spam tiiiime! ^_^ )

Sujk, stop being so cute. You are thirty-four!

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Why am I so addicted to this song?

That song is so beautiful to me. If I didn't know any better, I'd say it was written for their previous bassist Zill, who passed away in 2010.

That's all for this entry. I just had to say something about this song, it's so emotional...

Also, RIP Zill. I know he died a while ago, but I still wanted to say it. You never stop caring about someone after they die... I'm sorry, I'm getting pensive, aren't I? Maybe it's because it's almost midnight. I feel like people always become a bit more thoughtful around midnight. Either that, or Snowing is just having this effect on me.

Damn you, Moran! Damn you for being so talented! I miss you guys. X(
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First off, happy 75th birthday to my wonderful grandmother! ^_^

I went to her house today, as did my brother and three of my aunts (and a dog, who sniffed up my dress and pinned me on the floor and licked my face like the dignified young lady she is). We all had a lovely dinner and played card games. My brother taught me how to play Texas hold 'em... and I beat him three times in a row before he lost all his coins to me and we stopped playing. It was at that moment that I realised; I'm really wasting my potential! I could be making loads of money at casinos (in four years and fifteen days' time, that is :P), while instead, I'm being frugal and setting spending caps... actually, you know what, that's probably a good thing. If you go to a casino, you really should be sensible and not take what you can't afford to lose.

So, it's decided. When I turn twenty-one, I'm making a shiteload of money from playing Texas hold 'em because apparently, I'm not too shabby at it. I won't go overboard, though! I'll make sure to take a safe amount of money and leave when I've made... I dunno, like... a lot.

Click here to read about my ACNL town. )
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It's been a few days, hasn't it? Ah, well. Mayor Gesu is here now! Let's see how things have been going in merry Shangri, shall we?

I had my fortune told by Katrina on Wednesday.

You know what, I did actually buy a sunflower tee the day before. Unfortunately, I only bought it because I want to get all the mannequins from the Able Sisters, so I sold it soon after. Just my luck, eh? -_-

Anyways, we completed the new bridge yesterday! :D

Also, I changed Deirdre's catchphrase to "you ass".

It just makes her sound so sarcastic. Call me immature, but I think it's the best thing I've done in this game so far. Well, that, and design Yuuki's cheerleader dress.

I designed it today. If what I've read online is to be believed, I should unlock the QR code maker tomorrow, which means you'll get to see my designs. I'm taking design requests, by the way, so if there's a particular top/dress you'd like to see, just leave it in the comments and I'll get right on it.

These are the designs I've already done:

* Hizaki's dress

* Hizaki's schoolgirl outfit

* Top inspired by DIV's Taste Of Life outfits (oh, good lord, just look at Chisa in this picture XD)

* Kanon Wakeshima's black dress

* Final Fantasy Explorers black mage robe

* Final Fantasy Explorers white mage robe

And, of course, Yuuki's cheerleader outfit.

I can't guarantee I'll be able to do everything you request. For instance, I was gonna do Jasmine You's dress, but the big roses on it made it too difficult. I may attempt that one again in the future, but we'll see. Also, I'm not the best ACNL artist! Have faith, though. :)

Anyways, there'll be a shiny new fence in town tomorrow! I've constructed it so I can have a cute little picnic area in town. I won't be online much tomorrow, as I'm going to my grandmother's, but you'll see it sooner or later.
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This happened.

Right above my top lip! That is the WORST place to get a spot. They're painful to pop, they take FOREVER to pop, and they look grody. -.-

Also, why am I smiling slightly in that picture? That is nothing to be happy about.

Whatever, that's gross. Here's something to degrossify this entry.

The lovely Teru. Why is he so cute? He should be more cool, or hot, but he's more cute, for some reason. :P
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Okay, but check this out.

DIV fanservice! My ichiban Chisa getting his cute little butt sat on by Chobi. I love the way Chobi holds Chisa's waist in that picture. Also, I dunno who that is in check print on the right, but he is lucky to even be witnessing that (I mean, Chobi is way luckier, but whatever). I think it's a he, anyways. Could be a she.

Anyways, that shite is hot.

Meme? -_-

Aug. 15th, 2017 04:48 pm
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Why does Chisa from DIV have an arm growing out of the side of his head?

Seriously, I think this needs to become a meme. Chisa's side-of-the-head arm. We could just edit that arm onto other people's heads.
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I'll start this entry by introducing my newest villager. His name is Frobert, and he is adorable.

The eyes! So adorable. ^_^

He moved in two days ago. I have a new villager moving in tomorrow, and look where he's decided to place his house.

RIGHT. IN FRONT. OF THE TOWN. HALL. I've heard so many ACNL fans complaining that they can't decide where the other villagers place their houses. I never understood it until today.

*sigh* Anyways, his name is Jacques.

And yes, I am wearing Hizaki's schoolgirl outfit in that image of me near Jacque's future house. I designed it last night. Just now, I designed a top inspired by DIV's Taste Of Life outfits. I was gonna do Jasmine You's dress, but the big roses made it pretty much impossible.

But I digress...

Last night was the fireworks festival! ^_^

I even got to make a custom firework.

It's DELUHI's logo! It's also my town flag. ^_^

Also, who wants to guess what's in Pavé's chest-of-drawers?

I mean... I don't mean to use superficial stereotypes or owt, but... Pavé looks like this.

He's hidin' somethin' in that chest-of-drawers. You know it, I know it, and my ACNL character knows it better than either of us.

Also, I enacted the wealthy town ordinance today, which basically means that items will be priced at 20% higher than average, but they will also sell for 20% more, which is good because I sell a lot more than I buy. Hehe, I'm such a cheapskate. XD

Now, I shall end with a fun fact.

My tall bowtoid is a type of gyroid; a decorative statue that makes noise and dances a little. They are a recurring feature of Animal Crossing, and they can only be obtained by being dug up (hence why Benedict said he wanted to dig one up). Gyroids are very similar in appearance to haniwa.



During the Kofun period (from the third century to the sixth century) in Japan, haniwa were buried with the dead as funerary objects. That you may only acquire a gyroid by digging it up implies you have just desecrated someone's grave. And people say Nintendo can't make a hardcore game!
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Okay, but how about this Animal Crossing parody (I think it's Animal Crossing: City Folk in particular).

I'm sorry, I just found this too funny XD especially the part at the start with Rover.

All credits go to Woodquartler.
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Fifty-six hits within one day of me posting, ay? Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

Because It's Such A Lonely Night

This is only my second fic, so I'm pretty happy about this! I think sharing it on vkyaoi helped a lot. Anyways, thank you to everyone who read it! My only nitpick is the amount of silent readers I have who don't leave comments. I don't care if it's a negative review, because those are fun to write and to read; as long as it's constructive.

Anyways, once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm so happy. :)
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Before I go on about merry Shangri, I would like to say happy 44th birthday to hip-hop. I don't really like hip-hop, but still. Hizappy bizzirthday. Also, my mum is older than hip-hop. XD

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